Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica!!

For Jessica's birthday Bobby planned a dinner at Rosa's.....  we had so much fun celebrating her, and eating all kinds of good food....  :)  There's nothing better than dinner on the patio, with lots and lots of friends.....  ;) 
Happy Birthday to one of the best friends God has truly blessed me with!!  :) 
Ok, this picture really and truly cracks me up.....  we were all saying our hello's and I just happened to turn around and noticed that the boys had gotten themselves set up at the table with some chips, salsa, and drinks...  haha!!  somehow though, I wasn't surprised!!  ;)
Hanging out with Debran and baby Wade...  :)
The birthday girl and baby Owen.....  isn't he so cute!!  :)
ahhhhh....  Brody was just taking in the scene with me!!  :) 

Time for a group shot!!  :)  smile everyone!!
Yay!!  we were so excited that Jaime finally got to attend an "event"!
The biggest and yummiest birthday cake I've ever seen....  haha!!  There's no doubt that Rosa's has one of the best carrot cakes around, and we all enjoyed a healthy serving of it!!  :)
Yep.....  we ALL enjoyed the cake....  some of us more than others....  ;)  haha!!  I LOVE this kid...  he sure does crack me up!!  :) 

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B is for Boring said...

Awesome Cake! Love the new blog look!