Thursday, August 12, 2010

A "see you soon," dinner......

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"
I couldn't agree more with this statement..... God has truly blessed me with the absolute BEST friends I could have ever asked for, some of you I've known since 7th grade, and the rest of you well, we go back to the good ol' college days.... My mom always told me that I would meet some of my best friends in college, and man was she right.... Sheri and I met 13 years ago, and man have they been been fun-filled, there have been lots of great moments, and there have also been some not so great moments.... but thru thick and thin we've all seemed to be there for one another.... Three years ago her husband passed away in a terrible accident, leaving behind Sheri and 3 young kids, all under the age of 6. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Larry was also a dear friend and we miss him terribly. Sheri was fortunate enough to find a special "someone" else, and she and Keith will be getting married in september..... I'm happy for her, and this new chapter in her life, BUT it is a very sad moment for all of us here in california. Sheri and the kids will be moving to Pennsylvania to live with Keith..... Today has definitly been a rollercoaster of emotions type of day.... and it was just the beginning! They're leaving a week from today, and even though i've known that they're leaving, I can't help but feel like the day came WAAAAY to fast.... :( We met for an early dinner with Melissa today, she wont be able to attend the bridal shower/see you later day on saturday... we chit chatted, and enjoyed each other's company.... then it was time fo Melissa to say good-bye..... and let me tell you that I don't think any of us have ever gone to our cars as fast as we did today.... we've all been together for weddings, babies, and even when tragedy struck! I'm sure we were all teary eyed as we left.... those Jensen kid hugs will do that to anyone!! ;) as soon as I turned on the car "that's what friends are for," started playing..... really? That's all I needed..... argh... I took it as a sign from God, everything's gonna be ok, it told me!! I hate change, but I know in my heart that this is what they need, the kids seem super excited about their new house.... but they did give a million hugs and kisses today, and there were a lot of I Love you's and I'm going to miss you's..... They were my first "honorary" nieces and nephews, man I have no idea what I'm going to do without them being just a short drive away! of course today wouldn't be complete without pictures..... most of them were photography by "little" people!!! :)
Melissa, me and Sheri.... we're gonna miss you Sher! .... of course Catherine wanted one of her and I, and I'm glad we took one!
the girls

hahaha!!! photography by Bryce.... he insisted on taking pictures, and therefore ended up not being in any of them! :/

awwwww..... the girls and aunt Mimac..... that's what Catherine used to call me, and it stuck!
one by the fountain!
Melissa and Sheri
Photography by Paige..... don't mind the glare of the sun!! haha!!
This is the first good bye, and I didn't really like it!! hahaha!!! I'm not looking forward to saturday!

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