Monday, August 30, 2010

A wine tasting experience!

Jamie has been friends with my sister for as long as I can remember, to celebrate her birthday we decided to go wine tasting....  it was lots of fun as always, and way crowded too...  I guess everyone else thinks doing that on saturday is a good idea! ;)   We picked up Bobbi Jean on our way and then went to Southcoast, our first stop and one of my favorites....  :)
The grapes look like they're ready for the harvest...  :)
and the vineyards were amazing too.... I just love the "green" that surrounds the wineries.
a group shot, before we get started!  Bobbi Jean, Jamie, Gaby and Me....
Cheers, and Happy Birthday Jamie!
gotta love the scenery
haha!!!  we fell in love with this sign....  :)  it's so true!  ;)
awwww....  my sister! :)
Then we were off to wilson creek, but I guess someone else has those pictures....  after that we went out to finish off the celebration with dinner.  We ended up at Shogun in Temecula...  I had never been there, but I had heard that it was a good place to eat, and boy were they right!!  The food was great, and of course the "entertainment" was good too!!  :)  Food presentation is definitly important in my book and this place didn't let me down...  It kinda sorta reminded me of Benihanas!
They started off with "heart shaped" fried rice
Bobbi Jean and I watching the "show"
mmmm...  don't those shrimp look tasty?  and lobster tails, how did I miss those on the menu?
I didn't miss the tasty steak on the menu though...  ;)
and this was my plate....  and YES I ate it all gone....  then I wonder why I feel sick afterwards..  haha!
and one last group shot, before the night was over, and what a fun day it was....  Happy Birthday Jamie...  :)

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B is for Boring said...

The scenery is gorgeous and OH I LOVE teppan steak houses... Shogun looks great.