Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damn you Kohl's!!! ;)

hahaha!!! I used to be able to go into a store and ONLY pick up what I was going in for!! not so much anymore! I went into the store to buy a "prize" for a bridal shower I was helping with.... as soon as I walked in the door, my eyes fell on this here purse.... hahaha!!! Suddenly my mind wouldn't/couldn't think of anything else except for how cute this was, and how much I needed it!! haha!! i tried it on, took it's picture, walked around the store, and manuvered myself into a line so I could pay for it..... haha!! It wasn't until I got OUT of the store that I remembered what I had gone in there for in the first place!!! arghhhhh.... haha! so I had to make another pit stop somewhere else, dang it! ;) oh well, here's to my new cute red purse.... I just spent all morning organizing it too.... I do feel bad for my green one though, I LOVE her just as equally.... now what do I do?? I may just have to take turns!! :D

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