Friday, August 20, 2010

movie at the park

On Jessica's actual birthday there was a movie playing at the park....  everyone else had already planned to go, and I got to join them, UP was going to be playing, it's one of my favorites...  we had a great time talking, and the kids and I had a good time racing up and down the hill....  I LOVE the fact that I can play with them for a while, and then I get to give them back!!  ;)  hahaha!!  Amaria needs her sleep....  ;)  Jaime and I talked about bringing cupcakes for Jessica's b-day...  The kids wanted one SO bad it wasn't even funny....  haha!! 
I LOVE how Jakey Jake is  looking at them, like he's going to get them...  by this point I had lost my battle in trying to save them...  haha!!  I think either Brody or Brandt had sat on them, and now Jake wanted a piece of them too!!  lol
Brandt showing Jake which one HE wanted!! 

Then Ella and Luke arrived and we went RUNNING up the hill....  we had so much fun!!  haha!  but a couple of times up and back down and I was one tired person....  get me to some pizza please!!  ;)
Dinner/pizza time....  Lukey Luke was ready!  ;) it was such a nice night, so sitting around talking, eating and hanging out with friends was perfect!  :)
Me....  :)
Me and Jaime....  I just love the fact that she's back from New York...  I sure did miss her, and I am super excited that her, Chris, and the kids are here with us now!!  :)
Mr. Brody.....  waiting patiently for the movie???  maybe??  ;)  or maybe he was excited for his 2nd cupcake??  I know I was....  :)
Ready for the movie to start
haha!!!  I love this picture....  she LOVES her brother!!  ;)
watching the movie with 2 of my favorite little people...  this was right after Ella dumped the popcorn we were sharing, all over me...  haha!!  oh well we ate it anyway....  :) 
Yay!  for summer movie nights at the park....  too bad this one was the last one....  I can't wait to do more of these next year!!  :)

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Karen Carter said...

Looks like soooo much fun! You are such a good auntie to all those kids! And I love the new layout too. Makes me want to go back to a background layout sooo bad. Hugs Karen~