Monday, August 16, 2010

Songs I'm absolutelly loving right now!!

I will be here by steven curtis chapman (ok, I just heard this one for the first time on a memorial website and it is my new favorite.... it's would be a great wedding song.... someday) ;)

If I die young, by the band perry (I like how this one sounds, now I realize it's an "after life" song, but I still like how it sounds....)

The breath you take ~ George Strait (this one took some creative researching, but I finally found it, and it's definitly one of my favorites!)

Jaron & The Long Road to Love - Pray For You (this one makes me laugh.... it has a way of "playing" just after a bad day or something... haha)

Zac Brown band, highway 20 ride (not sure what it is about this one, but it's just a good song I think....)

Zac Brown Band, toes (this one's just funny! haha!! toes in the water, and ass in the sand... how could it not be a good one ;) )
enjoy! like I said these are some of the one's I'm absolutely LOVING right now... does anyone have any they would like to share?? I'd love hear about them, and why!! :) I need to update my Ipod ;)

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