Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun times with the girls....

It's always fun to get together with all of the dorm girls.... we try to do different things throught the year, but it's always difficult to get so many people together all at once,  almost everyone was there to celebrate Sheri's bridal shower though.... Jen made it our from Idaho, and Christy actually remembered the date for this event!  ;) it was fun times as always!! :)
The girlsand our prom pose!!  :)
Everyone at our table won a prize!  :)
Mindy, Jen and I had fun playing with the camera and taking pictures of ourselves!  haha
Me and Mindy!  we had a great time catching up, it had definitly been too long!
OBVIOUSLY, I thought something was VERY funny!!  haha!
Mindy, Jen and I with Sheri....  I love that Christy is telling an "animated" story in the background
Here's to a great afternoon spent with great friends.....  It was great seeing everyone too....  i LOVE when you can just pick up from the last time we all saw each other too....  makes the "catching up" easy to do!  ;)