Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disneyland with the Jensens and Bryan

We got to say lots of different good bye's with the Jensens.... It was definitly bittersweet, but i know it's good for them!! :0 Bryan and I met Sheri and the kids one day after work, we decided to go to California Adventure, and had a GREAT time... its seldom we make it there.... so it was definitly fun!! :) our first stop was the Tou Story Box, Bryan and the kids got "stuck" in there!! haha!! They'll do anythin for a picture! ;) Sheri, Bryan and I waiting patiently for Mulhollands....
me and Catherine! say Cheese Aunt Mimac! :)
Me and My buddy for the day, Paige.... :) we used to "partner" up, that way our chances of losing a kid were less! ;) it works better when one is not outnumbered! Paige was finally tall enough to ride the Mulholland ride, and she was STOKED!! haha!
Then it was time for dinner, and the decision making.... I EALLY wanted the clam chowder, but the salad, was calling my name too!! ahhhhh... what to choose, so we got one of each.... the tasty chicken apple salad on a bread bowl!

..... and the tasty clam chowder in a sourbread bowl.... argh.... decisions, decisions....

I made my choice... and decided on the salad.... I was pleased!! haha!!

the thunder rapids what a great place for a "solo"! ;)

..... and then one with a friend!! :0
waiting in line for Soaring Over California, we all LOVE that ride too!!
waiting for the World of Color show.... we got to watch it from the back side, side..... well the kids got to watch it... hahaha.... we put them on our shoulders, and they enjoyed it.... this one was Bryce's pick, and since we didn't have fastpasses, we had to make it work! the show was still good though!

awwwww..... How I'm going to miss these guys.... :(
.... and we got to watch an awesome fireworks show from california advernture....
...... and then it was time to go home!!! Bye, Bye Disneyland.... until next time! ;)

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B is for Boring said...

That was a super day... sad it was our last time together...