Thursday, December 1, 2011


.....something else to be thankful for....
at the beginning of the year I took on a second job, my hours at work kept getting cut, and my brother's business needed an assistant to the assistant...  ;)  So I stated helping/working a few hours a week at first....  And in the last few months it's been more like 2 full days, and a few more hours here and there....  :) 
I feel like it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time...  It allows for me to spend more time with my mom, she's the "assistant" to the "boss"! ;) Who am I kidding?  she basically runs the whole operation, well the paperwork/invoice/payroll part anyway, and now I help her! 
It has allowed for me to save more money, and it allowed me to distance/throw myself into something new at a point in my life when I felt like I was losing control.  And by losing control I really mean losing control of EVERYTHING!  I have a lot to be thankful for this past year, and my 2nd job is definitely one of them, it saved me from "myself" and for that I will always be grateful!  And it's helping to get me to the "next step.."  ;)
Sooooo....  Every tuesday, and thursday, unless I have to work at the Big A, I start my day like this...  ;)
A full cup of coffee in my favorite Snowman mug!!  :) Bring on the invoices.... And let's get this work day started!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  :)
With a full cup of coffee in my favorite Snowman mug!! :) Ready to start on those famous invoices, scheduling, billing, or payroll business that awaits me!!  ;)
AND, on some days I get to look out the window, and enjoy a beautiful blue sky FULL of BIG FLUFFY CLOUDS...  This is one of my favorite things....  :) 
Working, working, working....  I just looked out the window, and look what I saw...  A blue sky FULL of BIG FLUFFY CLOUDS....  my favorite!!  Happy happy Thursday everyone!!  :)
...AND a few hours could go by and the sky could inevitably turn into this....
....and hours later...  Looks like rain, gotta LOVE southern california weather....  ;)
...YEP...  those are rain clouds you see...  Gotta LOVE Southern California Weather...  :)

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