Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Holidays....

....are definitely among us!
You know how I know this?  because I haven't blogged in WEEKS...  YIKEES, it's seriously been weeks, so much has happened, baby showers galore, a quilt was made with all the love I have in my heart for a good friend and her soon to be baby girl, and lots of treats were made for another friend's shower, there was a 30th birthday party complete with sumo wrestling suits... and then there was the annual Ornament party, one I look forward to every year, it always brings a fun new addition to my Christmas tree, this year was no exception, and it brings girls who we only get the chance to see once or twice a year...  and there was a dorm group brunch get together to celebrate the holidays, and I know I haven't posted about Thanksgiving yet either, and then there's been a lot of working, and crafting, and more working, oh and somewhere in there I was sick, and there was a comedy night at Pechanga, and ahhhhh...  I'm tired just writing about it, and the month isn't even over yet, I still have a tamale making party, and cookie making sunday and a birthday dinner at the mission inn, and Christmas Eve with the family, and surprising someone with Christmas dinner, and Christmas at Gaby and Mike's, and more baking and wrapping and delivering....  Looks like I've been busy "socializing" ;)  I hope everyone's been enjoying the holidays and everything that comes with them...  I know I have...  Hopefully I'll get those pics up soon...  maybe tomorrow??  ;) the one's from the sumo wrestling party are definitely "PRICELESS"!  :D

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