Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let's Sumo!! ;)

My friend Angie turned 30, and one of her college roomates turned 29. In order to celebrate their big days they decided that we should have a sumo wrestling party...  It was something they've wanted to do since College I guess...  and it was definitely a GREAT time!!!  :) There are A LOT of pictures, BUT I did narrow it down to just "this many," and that task was not an easy one!  ;)
It was a beautiful morning, and the suits were "ready!"
The birthday girls getting "dressed:....  haha!!  I think Angie was taunting Shefali in this picture!  ;)
...looks like Shefali was READY!!  ;)
...and it begins!
....and after all that, they finally went down!
The birthday girls!!  :)
Then it was Jeff and Brian's turn! 
They were pushing each other hard...  and after a minute or so they were down!
...haha! we told them they couldn't use their hands!
...and then it was mine and Rose's turn...  ;/  sorta ready!  ;)
..haha!  we spent so much time laughing because I couldn't take Rose's request to knock her down seriously!  ;)
then we tried the no hands approach!!
...and more laughing...  haha!  Don't let the pictures fool you, she knocked me on MY A$$ twice...  but Brian was nice enough not to get that on camera!  ;)  Made me realize how out of shape I am...  BUT it was a GREAT time!  I'm sure I would do it again in a heartbeat!  ;)
Matt and Charles were next!  and doesn't Matt look so excited??  haha!  ;)
...haha!!  and Charles somehow got talked into the pink suit...  and YES he was excited to get his sumo on??  ;)
....and naturally, the first man down was Charles!  haha!  ;)
...then it was Brent and Annie's turn, and they were BY FAR the funniest!
he kept trying to get her to push him....
....But she couldn't/wouldn't stop laughing...  haha!
....soooooo, they went down together, in a hug like style!!  ;) and she rolled, and rolled, and rolled around in that suit...  so they were done after that!!  ;)  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, guys for the laughs...  ;)
...then we moved on to play a little tennis...  That we an all do without causing injury to anyone!  ;)

...after that we ate a little, caught up a litte, and then Rose and I left, I had another baby shower to get to, and Rose had to go home to get ready for work the next day!!  It was a wonderful morning filled with LOTS and LOTS of laughs, and good friends!!  :)  I LOVE these guys and I can't wait 'till we do this again...  and believe me, we planned to do it again...  BUT I think next time we will plan to have a lot more people who want to participate!!  ;)

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