Friday, December 9, 2011

The annual Ornament Party!

AHHHH!!!  This is the party that I look forward to EVERY year!  I feel like it really marks the beginning of the holiday season for me!  And it's a great time to get together with friends, AND the best part is the fact that we all get to share one or two of our favorite treats/appetizers with everyone, while catching up with those we don't see very often...  Oh and I can't forgeg about the ornament stealing!!  ;)  I LOVE this tradition that Jessica and Melissa started years ago!  :)
Thanks for the pictures Jessica....  :)
Part of this year's spread!!!  :)
There is definitely NEVER a shortage of food/treats!  ;)
Me and Jessica!
Some of us girls!  I always think it's amazing how long we've known each other...  High school seems like such a long time ago!!  ;)
haha!!  SOMETHING must of been REALLY funny!!  :) 
 third time's a charm!!  ;)

Me, Jaime and Jessica...  <3
....and we turned around and Mary was modeling!!  haha!!
This little guy came out of nowhere with his binky, and blanket...  and snuggled right on up!! I LOVE when they do that!  ;) I think out of all of the kids he's been the BEST snuggler!! Notice the cookie...  How could I resist not giving him one??  and the funny think is...  he held it like that forever..  guess he just wanted it for "security?"  ;)
....The ornaments.... ALL ready to be exchanged!  :)
....and the girls, getting ready for the exchange!!  ;)
....and our group shot...  This is always the FUNNEST part of the evening...  Have you ever tried getting 20+ people to look and smile at the same time??  haha!!  ;)
Thanks again Jessica for hosting a fun ornament exchange party.  It's always a great time!!  :)  I can't wait until next year!!  ;)


C@r!ie said...

so much fun!!! I look forward to it every year!!! It is my official Christmas season kickoff :)

maria said...

I agree! It's mine too!! :)