Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's cookie making time....

It had been a busy weekend, as all holiday weekends usually go...  BUT I had told my mom that we could bake today...  I was craving the fun that holiday cookie baking brings with it...  So off we went, we have our traditional holiday cookies that we bake, and I decided to try and make some others as well...  :) 
We started off by making the dough for two of our family's favorites...  Mandarin Orange cookies and Kidfords! 

While my mom was "zesting" the mandarin oranges, I went to work on some red velvet snow cutie things that I had found online! 

They turned out just as good as i thought!  :)  Phew...  nothing like trying out new recipes for the holidays!  ;)

I also decided to make chocolate one's, and those were actually pretty good too...  chocolatey!!!  :)
...time to get back to those family favorite one's!  ;)

.....mmmmmmm!I took a cookie break to check out the beautiful afternoon sky!
.....our final products...  We couldn't wait to get our hands into these guys!!  :D

...and yummy mandarin orange one's...  MY FAVORITE!  :)

Here's to spending another fun sunday baking with my mom...  Oh how I LOVE these days!!  :)  Thanks mom, I know it was a REALLY LONG day, but I hope it was a fun one!

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