Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dorm brunch.....

....Ahhhh, one of my favorite part of the holidays, the annual dorm Christmas party, this year we made it a brunch!  I can never say it enough, I AM TRULY LUCKY AND BLESSED TO HAVE MET THESE WONDERFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE, THEY ARE DEFINITELY A BIGGER PART OF MY FAMILY THAN I COULD OF EVER IMAGINED, AND I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THEM IN MY LIFE!  :)  the dorm Christmas party is "my job."  haha, not sure how that happened or when, but I LOVE planning it, and I LOVE having everone over for it!  :) 
Naturally it is full of fun baked goods, I found these online and decided to make them...  they were so cute and so much fun to make!  :)
...and I used my snowman plate for fruit, how cute is that plate?  I wish I could use it all year long!  :)  and I made mexican wedding cookie things and banana bread!  YUMM!
...and Angie thought it would be a good idea to make it an ugly sweater party, I said sure, BUT of course I waited until the last minute and couldn't find anything, so we went ahead and made me one...  Gotta LOVE the fact that I had a bag of holiday fabric just laying around ready to be put to use!  ;)  AND yes that is a holiday chinchilla...  ;)  Thanks Angie, it was beautiful!
My friend Nichole makes this AMAZING blended salsa, I went ahead and made it, and even though it got good reviews, they all still said that they missed the original Maria salsa...  Guess I should stick to what the people know!!  ;)  Next year guys...  I promise!  ;)
...Heather made her and Matt's sweaters, and I'm pretty sure that they won!  ;)
The food spread!  ;)  There was an egg casserole thing, a french toast casserole, that was amazing, thank you Rachelle for the delicious recipe!  :)  we also had tamales, and those were definitely a hit!  :)
...our "surprise" group shot!  Charles was busy trying out my new tripod and other camera goodies!  ;)
we had a smaller turnout this year...  But it was still a lot of fun!  :)  We definitely missed everyone that couldn't come! 

...our idea of a "silly shot!"  ;)
Here's to fun times with good friends, until next year!  :)

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