Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the 6th day of Christmas....

We got our Christmas tree!!  :)
And YES, my dad went out of the house in his Santa hat!  ;)  haha!
I think this is by far my favorite part of Christmas!  :)  Going out and picking out the Christmas tree, it's something we still do as a family...  :)  My brother didn't get to come this year, that work thing always gets in the way!!  ;)  For me there is nothing like a real Christmas tree, I LOVE the smell, I love what it signifies, and I LOVE the memories that it brings back from my childhood, when the tree is what we looked forward to the most!  :)
Me and the sister!

After looking at all of them I found the perfect one!  I was guarding it, people get crazy about their trees..  ;)

Michael and Gaby located theirs too!!  :) 

...and what's one more picture while we wait for the trees to be wrapped and loaded for transport!  ;)
...and on the 8th day of Christmas...  we finally got to trim the tree!
Complete with some of my favorite ornaments...  all new additions, thank you Jessica and Miss Karen for my new additions, they fit right in!!  ;)
soooooo cute!  and what a perfect one no?  ;)
haha!  I LOVE this one...  it's a little kitchen aid!  ;)
...and well it wouldn't be my tree if it didn't have a "baseball" soemthing or other on it!  
...and two fun additions from my trip to NY!
and a new guy to the collection!  :)
....and the final product!  :)
 ...and my mom's fun centerpiece...
 ...This year I decided we needed a snowman wall...  complete with the authentic feliz navidad tree that traveled all the way from Guatemala!  :)
 ...and what's a snowman wall without a snowman table??  ;)
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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Karen Carter said...

I love the pic of your sweet mom and dad! and Im glad you like the ornament. It fits right in. Maybe its good we celebrated your birthday so late : ) Merry Christmas sweet friend.