Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Faith is putting all your eggs in God's basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch. 
~Ramona C. Carroll
Such a great quote for today...  Today was one of those days when the "happenings" of the last few days finally "hit."  The reality of how fragile life is showed it's ugly head around here again...  and all I can think about is why?  and then I quickly remember that as much as I sometimes don't understand that famous saying about God having a plan, he really does have a plan...  We have been praying like crazy at my house..  And my mom has burned at least 2 candles maybe 3 since Christmas Eve.  Gotta LOVE those candles and what they signify to us...  They are a symbol, a very simple symbol of our Faith. :) Mike's grandpa had a massive heart attack on Christmas Eve, he's doing ok still very "fragile" though, and late last night one of my friends brother's lost his long battle with brain cancer...  Todd's brother and their family has been in my thoughts and prayers for weeks, it makes me sad that once again we've lost someone to that awful disease...  AND today my aunt called to tell us that her mom had had a stroke, and was in the hospital...  ugh...  really??   There is absolutely nothing worse than spending the holidays in a hospital...  It has got to be the worst...  So today I ask for prayers for the Marconi's and their families, and for the Puttnam's and their families, and for the Sanchez' and their families. Today I pray for understanding and strength for all of those involved, and I pray for the health of all of my loved one's and for all of their loved one's...  And today I am thankful for health... 
And tomorrow I will remember to hold those I love a little closer, and I will make sure to remember to tell my family and friends that I LOVE them!!  ;)

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