Saturday, December 3, 2011

A baby shower for Baby Agoston

One of my old college roomates is having a baby! Naturally it was time for a baby shower... :) A couple of her other girlfriends got together and threw her and baby a shower! Everything turned out great! And the company was awesome as usual! It's always a fun time when we all get together, and I think it's even more special because we usually can ALL only get together a few times a year!! :)
So here is to celebrating baby girl Agoston and her mommy!  :)
They had the corner bakery cater the food, and it was amazing as usual, and Catherine made a homemade potato cheese soup that was seriously to die for, and a chicken noodle soup, that almost everyone lost their marbles for!!  :) 
Carisse made these cute diaper cakes...  and she didn't stop at 1 that girl was busy with the kids and still managed to make 3 diaper cakes.....  ;)  soooooo soooooo cute too!!  :)
...and it's always nice to hang out with miss Christy...  :)  I think we were all glad that she made it to the shower..  It had been way too long!  ;)
...and Christina!  :)
Love these girls!!  :)  
time for presents!  :)
Marcela and her mom!! 
opening my special baby present!!  :)  The front!
and the back!  :)
...our attempt at a group shot!  ;)
my dorm sisters!!  ;)  the originals and a few adopted thru marriage one's!!  ;)  haha
Smile!  It's time for another pic!  ;)
me and the momma to be!  :)
Christy and Marcela!
Here's to the end of another fun party...  and fun times with good friends...  Now we have to wait to meet baby girls Agoston, and I know we all can't wait!!  :)

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