Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tamales, tamales, tamales....

My friend's family has a tamale making party every year!  I got to join them this  year and let me tell you it was a GREAT time!  :)
Getting started!
It's not authentic tamale making if there is no beer around!  ;)
...Our set-up....  :)
 Jessica.... The official "spreader,"  showing me the "ropes"  haha!  at least she thought she was showing me the ropes!  ;)
My hands were in the masa, for the majority of the time so there aren't really that many pictures of the "process", But here is one from the "toast" we made to our cooking tamale's...  ;)
....and another...  I had forgotten how many rounds of shots Dave brought around! 
....and our first official tamale...  As the newest member of the tamale making team, I got to have the first bite!  and let me tell you, it was yummy!!  :)
.....DOESN'T IT LOOK SO GOOD???  mmmmmm......
I LOVED hanging out with Priscilla and the family...  We had so much fun!  I seriously LOVE them!!  :)
Me and Miss Amanda!
 How cute are we?  I LOVE my sister from another mother friend!  :)
 ....Amanda and Baby Priscilla...  I LOVE this picture!  :)  They're so cute!! :)
 Me, Jessica and Alex!  :)
Me and Jess...  My other sister she said!!  haha!  ;)  and the only blond one in the mix! 
 ...and Frannie 
Big Priscilla and Baby Priscilla!  :)
...We also got to celebrate Miss Amanda's Birthday!!  :)
....a fun cousin picture!  Looks like Issac is ready to stick his finger into that cake!  ;)
 ...By the looks of things, it was a successful birthday party/tamale making celebration!  ;)
 ..... the leftover masa, and spreaders... 
Me and Pam! 
 thanks for a fun time Macksouds, Chavarria's and Ortega's... I can't wait until next year!! :)

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