Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pedi time....

Today I met my parents for an early dinner at Sizzler, sometimes the chicken wings and salad from their salad bar sound so AMAZINGLY delicious, it's all I can think about!!  And they were up for it too..   sooooo, why not??  right??  ;)
I had one of these yummy strawberry lemonades with dinner.. and
yes, it was just as good as it looked! ;)
Then my mom and I were off to get a pedi, well she had a pedi, and I had my nails done....  I had them off for a week, and NEEDED to get them back on, so off we went!  and my mom had never had a pedi before...  yes I did say never...  My sister and I had tried to get her to get one FOREVER, but she always turned us down...  she doesn't like people touching her feet she said!
The people at the salon convinced her that I was VIP there, so she relaxed, and preceded to enjoy having her feet rubbed!  ;)  YES! Gaby they told mom that I had an account there...  BUT I promise I don't go there that often!  ;)  When it was all over, she told me that she didn't realize what she had been missing out on..  And she signed up to come with us next time we go!  haha! 
I Love that she enjoyed herself so much!!  :)  And I LOVE that I got to spend quality time with my parents today..  It is definitely something I take for-granted, but I am trying to be better about it... 

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