Friday, December 16, 2011

A fun Friday night with the kids.....

....I got to spend some quality time with the kiddos tonight....  while the parents went on a date night...  ;)  Jessica was kind enough to order us in some pizza...  and she got us SOOOOO much food that when Owen and I answered the door the pizza man inquired, very honestly and with much concern I may add....  :/  "is there more than just the 2 of you in there tonight?"  ummmm...  I told him "No, it's just us tonight,"  he replied...  "oh ok, you guys must be hungry then..."  haha!!  I preceded to tell him that, "the little guy ate A LOT."  and with that he was on his way, and we went back in to make sure the rest of our friends hadn't gotten themselves into trouble while we were outside!
Yummy Pizza!
after pizza, pasta, cheese sticks and whatever else we could get our hands on...  we started baking, and "creating..."  Isn't her rudolph so cute?  ;)
....and these two couldn't stop being silly!  haha!
...she was soooo proud, so we took another pic!  :) the meantime, there was some sort of serious chocolate and m&m creativity going on here...   LOOK at that concentration! 
mmmmmmm....  these taste yummy!
...haha!  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed these chocolate covered marshmallows the most!  ;)
....and the first one out...  she literaly fell asleep minutes before the parents got home...  I guess drawing, baking and decorating took it out of her!!  ;)
....and my delicious reward!  The parents came back with this yummy treat for me!  and let me tell you that it was just as tasty as it looks here!  :)
Thanks guys!  I hope you had fun on your double date...  we certainly enjoyed ourselves!  :)

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