Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

...NOTHING says Christmas like my mom's ham!!  :)  YUMMMMMM!!
I think this is one of my favorite parts of Christmas dinner...  ;)
Christmas Eve was a little weird around here this year...  I worked, drove my friend home from work, and delivered Christmas dinner to her and her family!  Thanks mom for helping me, make that happen.  Then I came home to find out that my brother had already come and gone, guess I missed him this year...  and I'm not gonna lie, that made me really sad!  Oh and the Chavi' were missing this year, which also made me sad....  I kept waiting for a surprise....  But it was Chrismas Eve and we were having "family" from Guatemala coming over for dinner so I changed and waited for them to arrive.... 
I set the table and eventually we were ready to eat...  Only to find out that Gaby and Mike were on their way home, but they probably wouldn't be staying...  His Grandpa had been taken to the hospital...  YIKES!!  They ended up coming for a few minutes, only to turn around and go back to San Pedro...  We said a prayer for Grandpa Rino's health and preceded to eat....  How could we not...  the food looked GREAT!!  :)
....And my parents and I hung out with Arturo and Ceci, while we waited for midnight, and Baby Jesus' birth!
Arturo, Ceci and my mom!
My parents with Ceci and Arturo...  Sadly this is as close to a "family" picture as my mom got this year...  I guess I was busy taking pictures, I must of forgotten to take one of myself...  Oh well at least I know I was there!!!  guess that's what happens when one is the photographer!  ;)  hahaha!!!  Seeeee, I said, weird Christmas Eve!  :)
...the newlyweds!
....and santa was REALLY good to me this year!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to read...  I've gone back and forth on a "reader."  My sister told me last year that she had thought about getting me a Nook for Christmas, I wasn't sure how I would like it, I really thought I was "old school," and I LOVED the feel of a real book, BUT I decided this year that I may actually like an electronic reader, a place that would "house" all of my books....  ;)  so that is what she got me this year..  and so far I LOVE it!!!  Thank you sister!!  :)  And look at the fun cover my mom found for me!  It's perfect!  :)

....and I can't forget about my new sewing machine....  I can't wait to use it, and create something fun with it!  :)

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