Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little something.... that's near to my heart!

The American Cancer Society puts a few of these local "relay for life" events a year....  I did one a few years ago with my sister and one of her childhood friends....  We had a GREAT time, and it was very close to all of our hearts, Cassie's mom is currently in remision from cancer, and my sister and I have had our share of family/friends who have suffered from the disease...  you can read more about that here I wrote about it after the last event.  :)
A friend I worked with a while ago, decided to put a team together this year, she also battled cancer when she was in her 30's....  The last time I did this I had a great time, and it was definitly a very fiulfilling experience for me, so why not do it again?  ;) 
So I signed up, and set up my own personal relay page....  Now all that's left is to fundraise a little...  come and help us out if  you'd like...  Anything helps...  Even $5.00....  :)  and it's for a GREAT cause....  :D  Here's the link if you're interested!  :D

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