Sunday, April 10, 2011

New likes, loves, and things that made me go huh??

I decided that this was an appropriate "title" for this end of the week post!  ;)  here are a few things I really liked this week....  :)
Coconut Creme Creamer is one of my new favorites.... I can't seem to get enough of it, so it's definitly a like this week...  Thanks for the suggestion, Em...  :)
...and Gold Peak's sweet tea is also a definite like...  it's on sale at work this week, so I have had my fair share of it!  if you like sweet tea and haven't tried this one...  give it a whirl, i promise you wont be dissapointed!
Today I have a new appreciation for Royal icing, after I saw the ducks I created today, I decided that maybe I should start "liking" it a little more...  I HATED it when I was making roses for cakes...  BUT REALLY liked it when I used it to make cupcake toppers!  :)  here's to second chances...  haha!
.... and to the LOVES!
I LOVE, weddings....  I love everything about them...  the fact that everyone dresses up for them, the fact that people seem to become "normal" for the occasion, suddenly all ackwardness is gone..  :) the food, and the fact that we get to spend a few hours with people that we haven't seen in a while...  the dancing, and the chit-chatting, and the food...  did I already say that?  ;)  and then there's the happy couple and the happiness that radiates around them...  and YES these are the "kids" that I saw get married this weekend...  May their life be full of happiness!!  :)
...and this little girl of course...  I LOVE that I've had the priviledge of watching her grow up, but I hate the fact that she's all grown-up!  And I mostly LOVE the fact that this is the face I see EVERYTIME we walk down Main Street at Disneyland and she spots the Castle for the first time!  :)  Ahhhh...  to be a kid again!  :)
..... and tigger tails, we finally found them at Disneyland and they were definitly NOT a dissapointment...  i can't wait to have another! 
  • hour long foot massages
  • midnight talks at Denny's with the chosen "fam"!  ;) 
  • Moons over my hammie!  Oh how I've missed you, i'm pretty sure I haven't had one of these in years...  and it sooooo reminded me of old dorm outtings in the middle of the night....  :)
  • Matter of fact conversations with the kids....  I had been trying to convince Luke to "close his eyes" for an hour.... I finally said it again, since I know he was deliriously tired... haha... ;) and he told me, i can't see the tv if my eyes are closed... :/ ummmm.... good point... he definitly gets no argument here! ;)
  • phone calls, and txt messages, especially those that are just because!
  • sincerity
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • old friendships, and new friendships
  • airplanes
  • birthay's
  • cake
  • snuggling children! 
  • taco pizza
  • PF Changs
  • Dinner with friends
  • fireworks
  • Disneyland
  • churros, cotton candy, popcorn, tigger tails, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh mangos
  • Party planning
  • baking
  • lemon sweet rolls
  • "decorating" treats
  • chocolate cake
  • Big FLUFFY clouds
  • windy leaves, and thunder on my phones screen
  • respect
and here are the things that make me go HUH??
People who actually eat and enjoy those ginormous turkey legs from the fair, or Disneyland or just about anywhere else....  we went to Disneyland on tuesday, and I promise 75% of the people I passed were indulging in one of these things....  all I could think of was WHY???  and then Jaime txted me this picture, all I could do was laugh...  and share it...  again WHY???  lol
and I can't leave out the people who indulge in these things in a bag??  WHY??  haha!!  again something people indulge in while at the fair or even Disneyland??  and there's absolutelly nothing worse than having someone not only eat this while in my personal space..  pickles STINK!, than  having them slurp the juice right out of the bag!  GROSS!!!!  haha!
and there you have it...  things I liked, and loved this week, and 2 that made me go HUH??  'til next week!  :)


DeBran said...

ugh...I completely agree with the things that make you go huh. Yuck!

Karen Carter said...

I loved seeing the pic of the newlyweds! Sooo adorable! I also have never had that creamer so i looked for it this morning at vons but everyone else must love it too! I love creamers and cant believe I missed this one. I am glad you have so many things that bring you joy! Pickles bring me joy too : ) sorry...but I dont slurp I promise!