Monday, April 25, 2011

I think I have finally.....

......reached a new level of exhaustion, this week.... 
My aunt, uncle and niece have been here for a week and a half....  and it has been a Busy, Busy one at that.... 
  • we had family dinners
  •  had some shopping days
  •  we visited D-land 3 days in a row...
  • I worked in between
  • somewhere in there, there was a concert with my mom
  • and didn't go to bed anywhere before midnight any night
  • while still waking up at the crack of dawn
  • we took LOTS and LOTS of pictures
  • I drank lots and lots of coffee  ;)
  • and watched Disney movies in spanish
  • and Wow Wow in spanish too....  who knew...  haha!
  • we colored, and did puzzles
  • ate a lot of food
  • ....and just plain enjoyed our family time
  • and I LOVED every minute of it...  I am exhausted though... 
  • I thouroughly meeting my "real" niece for the first time, and I think she enjoyed her California family too!  :)  She's on her way to the airport right now, and I can honestly say that I miss her already!  I miss her accent and her "matter of fact" way! 
  • My neck and shoulders are screaming  MASSAGE
  • My feet want to summon HAPPY BUDDHA and a PEDI
  • and the rest of my body is calling for SLEEP...
  • but instead I will spend all day tomorrow buried in Chief's paperwork, and then I will join my college friends at Angel's stadium, for the first game of the season....  :) 
so this week I definitly feel THANKFUL, Thankful that I was given the gift of spending quality time with little Nina....  :)  and my aunt and uncle too!!  :)
here's to the beginning of a new week, and all of the "gifts" it will bring with it!!  :)

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