Sunday, April 17, 2011

lessons learned!! :)

Here we are again, sunday, the last day of the week and it's 11:20PM again!!  haha!  I don't think I will ever learn to  go to bed early!  ;)  Oh man where do I begin with this week?  There were so many lessons learned, so many fun times, so many memories made, some things that made me go WTF?  (and not in a "will they finish kind of way"  ;)  haha!) so many times when I wished there were more hours or even minutes in the day, so many celebrations, so many special moments with different family and friends....  :)  then there was a few, ok maybe just one "No, Not again" moment that sparked a dejavu feeling of 8 years ago....  thankfully this feeling came late today so it didn't really have a BIG effect on the week...  :/
Lessons learned, and WTF??
  • There are always 3 sides to EVERY story!  your side, their side, and the "stuff that fell between the cracks" side
  • People deal with stress in different ways!
  • No matter how many times I say that it is what it is...  Lying is NOT what it is...  I will never understand how people can stare me right in the eye, keep a straight face and lie...  Do they really think I'm new here?  ;) 
  • It's easy to put our foot in our mouths, and apearantly knowing how to stop BEFORE we put both feet in our mouths is an even HARDER task....  filters...  why are people born without them??
  • today I re-learned a lesson, something that happens to me ALL the time...  most of the time I brush it off, sometimes I can't...  I am human...  and so is everyone else...  the lesson I re-learned today??  asking someone when they're having kids once is ok...  asking again, and continuing to ask and going as far as asking if one is "trying" is just plain RUDE and sometimes hurtful....  I saw it happen today and I couln'd help but feel bad for the girls it happened too...  It makes me mad when people can't or won't stop while they're ahead...  SERIOUSLY why are people so curious anyway?  and why is it that they think that "badgering" people will get them anywhere?? 
  • same goes for asking about relationships...  i promise if one more person asks me how my LOVE life is I may scream...  today I made myself proud though...  It was asked, and I answered....  GREAT thanks.....  I'm surrounded by lots of love!!  It's a true statement!  said person continued on....  and  your relationship?  How's that?? Do you have one?  Who is it?? ummmm....  GREAT thanks, all relationships are good, I'm coudn't be happier in any and in all of them!!  I smiled, turned around and left!  ;) 
  • Life is like a canvas, and the choices, decisions and memories that we make; are the paint, and we are the only one's responsible for painting our own life's "picture"....  ;)
  • Some things never change.....  no matter how much I wish that they did, they don't....
  • Boys and their "toys"....  Today I learned that no matter how safe these toys/tools they "play" with may be, it's possible to get hurt, at that point, you must NEVER and I mean NEVER say I told you soooo...  and that goes for sisters who leave cars parked behind other cars and forget to leave the keys!!  said sister shall remain nameless....   oooopppss....  ;)
Fun times = memories made  :)
  • a day of shopping with my little Guatemala friend....
  • helping my sister put together last minute baby shower cupcakes!
  • a wonderful beach day spent with friends....  :)
  • jumping in the "big pool" with Mr. Brody and Mr. Luke...
  • Birthdays and birthday cupcakes...
  • Visiting friends for lunch....  and having lovely conversation!  Thank you Miss Karen for having me over on such short notice!!  ;)  
  • Having Mr. Jake, come up and snuggle on my lap...  His age is definitly my favorite, when they're young enough to fit nicely on one's lap, on their own, yet not being old enough to not want to sit and snuggle anymore!
So MANY celebrations, special moments!!
  • My friends finishing a 200.9 mile run
  • Miss Nina flying thousands of miles to come on a birthday celebration trip....  :)
  • Baby shower celebrations...
  • birthday celebrations at the beach!
  • reaching my goal to lose that holiday treat weight....  ;)  Goal's been ACCOMPLISHED!!!  ;) 
  • seeing family you haven't seen in years...  :)
  • Meeting my REAL niece for the first time!  I've had a GREAT time hanging out with her...  I can't wait until tuesday and our special D-land trip...  I'm really gonna be sad when she has to go back home....
AND then there's a little Dejavu, and WTF, NOT again moment....
it's that time of the year again...  Contract time...  I never thought I'd see the day again when the  Union may try to entice us to vote for a strike AGAIN...  REALLY??  Not friggin again...  aghhhh....  it was 8 years ago, I can't believe it's been that long, that we "supposedly" voted on a strike....  I remember the day the strike was announced like it was yesterday...  it was Jaime's wedding day...  at the time we all worked for Albertsons and we all found out at the same time...  :(  
I just found out it's up for a vote again today, I've been a little busy!  ;)  and therefore out of the loop....  all I can think off is the Union isn't really that stupid are they?  my co-workers are smarter than that right?  and DAMN...  this stupid vote is mandatory, and of course they would plan it on my special D-land days...  UGH....  Now I'm really irritated...  way to ruin my special plans Union...  I know what you're thinking...  why not skip it?  because I feel so strongly about the fact that we would be completely stupid for voting YES, and because i feel that if I skip it, it will one less NO vote that they will get....  and I'll be DAMNED if I let the union count my vote as a yes! 
So this week I will pray that all co-workers and even myself really think this vote thouroughly before making a decision, because I'm afraid that, IF we do vote to pass this, and give the Union the "go ahead", and they GO AHEAD, none of us are going back....  just sayin'....
Overall it was a wonderful week though....  ;)  filled mostly with happy memories, lots of pictures, and lots of driving.....  ;0
I hope everyone has a great week next week....  I'm ready for mine...  it's gonna be filled with family dinners, D-land, some work, a concert, quality time with my mom, and Easter, Which means YUMMY food, lots of candy, eggs, and a possible easter bunny visit!!

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