Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gooooo Angels, Goooo!!!

Ahhhhh....  Baseball season's here again!!  ;)  Here's to the first game of the season!  We had a great time with new "baseball" friends, enjoyed lots of baseball game "goodies"  you know hot dogs, beer, soda, peanuts, pizza, cotton candy, good seats, THE GAME!  haha!  yes some of us went for the game, others of us went for the socializing aspect, and ALL of us went for the food!!  ;)  To Isaac's disappointment the Angels WON, I had no doubts!  ;)  I can't wait for the next one!  :) 
Our awesome view!
haha!  LOVE the action shots!  ;)
Go Angels!
our baseball watching group!  :)
of course we had to have malts, well Isaac had to have a malt, I had a ruby's cookies n' cream shake ice cream thing, and let me tell you it was AAAAHHHHMMMAZING!!!  :)

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