Friday, April 15, 2011

A proud aunt moment! :)

My friends ran the ragnar relay race this weekend!!  It was a team of 11 runners and they managed to together run 200.9 miles...  what a GREAT accomplishment for all of them!  :)  I have friends who have done this before but it's always been north of here, and with work i never got to "participate" This year I got to be a part of it by volunteering at one of the exchanges....  AND imagine my SURPRISE when I got a phone call from my friend Sam telling me to look out for his son...  he was running the leg with his uncle Ryan, and their exchange was where i was at!!  YAY!!!  I was waaaay excited....  :)  and so was he...  haha!!  This is when he crossed the "line"....
his uncle Ryan was a good half block behind... haha! when they asked him what team number he was he stood proudly and yelled at the top of his lungs 227!!! haha! at that moment I was a proud auntie....  maybe it was because he was so proud!  too bad he didn't have the exchange bracelet, so they had to wait for his partner to catch up! :)
Vincent ran a little under 10 miles with Ryan.... and Ryan told us that he was ready to give up a few times, his muscles cramped up 3 different times, BUT he said it was Vinny's excitement and motivation that kept him going, and kept him from stopping and walking part of the way!! Isn't it amazing what a little motivation from an 11 year old will do to ya?  haha!!  LOOK at that PROUD smile!!  :)
Way to go Vinnie, we're all very proud of you!!  :)

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