Friday, April 22, 2011

Quality time with Mom!

My mom absolutely LOVES Julio Iglesias....  and all I can remember was listening to his music ALWAYS, when I was growing up!  :)  Once upon a time I used to know all of his songs by heart!  ;)  Gaby and I decided to take my mom to his concert as an early mother's day present...  Julio, would be playing at Pechanga so how could we pass that up??  ;)  That man still puts on a great concert...  and my mom had a GREAT time which is always important!  ;)  Gaby was SUPER excited too...  we found out Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson's brother and his family, were in the audience, I swear I thought Gaby was going to "bolt" from her seat!  ;)
Waiting for the concert to start!
The show...

They weren't selling souveniers, after the concert...  AND he left right away, so we decided a picture with the Julio poster would do!  ;)
Here's to a fun  night with the girls!  :)
The concert ended up being really good, and actually sold out!  Happy Mother's day mom, we hope you enjoy your present!  I did, I LOVED that I actually knew the songs, so i could sing along!    I LOVE you!  :)

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