Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nina meets Disneyland, part 2

.....and we're on to day 2....  :)  Micki was nice enough to drop the visitors off at Disneyland for me....  I had to work, so they spent the night in the OC with extended family....  :)  I went ahead and made them reservations for breakfast at Goofy's kitchen, which they LOVED...  (I'm still waiting for those pics....)  ;)  Nina got lots of autographs and got to meet lots of characters....  :) They went to the park after breakfast...  and Gaby joined them shortly after....  I'll put those pictures up when I get them too!  ;)  I joined them after work, just in time to ride the submarine!  ;)  and enjoy a BEAUTIFUL afternoon sky!  :D
......and then I took over the picture taking job!  ;)  look at those smiles...  somewhere between the time I left them on day one and the time I got there on day 2 Nina got some minnie ears...  how cute are they?  ;)
Gaby and I were ready to ride the BIG YELLOW submarine!
haaaaa....  una estrella!  ;)  A Nina no le salia la foto, yo le prometi que hiba a tratar yo....  y esta fue la que yo saque....  ;)  ojala que le guste!  :)
despues de los submarinos nos fuimos a esperar los fuegos artificiales de Disneylandia....  Definitivamente son mis favoritos....  mientras estavamos esperando, Nina y Gaby se agarraron el dedo, haciendo una "pinky promise" que la Gaby la despertaria si Nina se dormia!...  que bonito!  :)
oh, oh....  esta de el submarino se confundio, y parece que se perdio....  ;)  Nina estaba lista para el "ride"....  :)  VAMONOS!!
in the meantime we updated her parents by posting pictures on facebook!  una para mami!  :)
empiezan los fuegos.....  :D
.....miran a campanita a la izquierda....  ella vuela sobre el castillo durante parte de el show...  :D  yo creo que a Nina le encanto verla!
AWESOME!!!  :)  I LOVE fireworks
....and that was the end of day 2..... another successful day...  we headed home, so we could get some rest and be ready for day 3!!  :)

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