Saturday, April 16, 2011

They finished... :) and a beach day!

I had a few friends that set out to run a relay race,,,,  The ragnar is a relay that is run in teams usually of 6-12 people....  They ended up having a team of 11, and between all of them they ran a total of 200.9 miles.  They started in Huntington and ended in Coronado....  Some ran more than others but I still can't begin to express how proud I was of each and everyone of them, and of the fact that they all set out to train and finish their race as a team, even though some of them really didn't know each other at all...  :)  I was sad that the "complete" team didn't get to participate due to injuries. There's nothing worse than admitting the fact that one has to withdraw because of an injury, especially since I know how much time and training went into it, but I know that next year they will all be ready!  ;)  and again I will be at the finish line waiting for you guys with tasty treats...  :)  I just don't think I have it in me to run that many miles....  I've convinced myself that I'm a better cheerleader, supporter, and picture taker!  ;)  and with that, here are my pictures from the weekend!!  ;)
Here are the guys from van 2!
 I "got to" volunteer at one of the exchanges, AND YES!  I was out in the middle of nowhere at an intersection in Murrieta,...  fun times!  ;)
and I  got to meet up with Van 1.....  by this time they were all rested and ready to begin running their legs again!  ;)
 I got to see Kaitlyn, Ryan and Vincent exchange!
  haha!!!  the rest of van 1, don't let the little one fool you, he CRASHED when he got home...  he was so tired from his run that he barely made it out of the shower and into bed!  ;)
On saturday we all met and drove down to the finish line...  Jessica got this awesome picture of our 4 car caravan...  that's me and Amber pulling  up the rear!!  ;) 
haha....  somewhere along the line I took this one....  musta been when Jessica ended up behind us??  Sorry Jess..... 
The beach was beautiful that day too....  :)
we arrived with sandwiches for some of the runners...  after 24 hours all they wanted was real food!
 ....and all Ryan wanted was to see Miss Makayla!  :)
 while we waited for the team to finish we hung out at the beach....  look at how much fun the kids were having!  :)

 Jessica and Mr. Owen enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the beach....  because it really was a beautiful day!  :)
 more fun in the water!!!

Luke thought it would be fun to "race" me into the ocean....  and race we did!  ;)

and Lukey and I shared some yummy fruit....  Thanks again Jessica the fruit was delicious!
The Wilson's waiting at the finish line!  :)
 .... and here they came! 

 getting their "medals"  :)
 the WTF team...  so proud that they finished!!  ;)
 haha!!  looks like it got a little chilly!  ;)
 and there was a birthday boy in the relay so we had a little cupcake party celebration...  :) 
haha!  looks like he approved....  ;)
so we went ahead and sang happy birthday and then the kids immediatly formed a line!  ;)
 The sky on the way home was AMAZING!!!  :)

 Then we were off to a fun dinner to celebrate how proud we all were of our friends and all of the WTF team...  What a GREAT accomplishment!  I'll be honest, I was inspired to run, for about 2 and 1/2 minutes...  haha!!  I have come to terms with the fact that i can't run....  even thinking about it, makes my knee hurt....  so I will stick to "volunteering" and bringing treats...  :)  Until next year...  because word on the street is that the interest for potentially doing this again next year is kinda high!!  ;)

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