Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yellow ducks.... EVERYWHERE!!!

On sunday my sister helped put together a baby shower for one of her BFF's...  The girls did an AMAZING job....  everything looked great, and I thought the theme was cute too...  different than any shower I had ever been to...  Introducing A Rubber Duckie Good time!  ;)
Gaby wanted to do the cupcakes, a little something for the kids to easily eat!  ;)  I got to help her...  and I was really excited with how they turned out!  Thanks again DeBran for the wonderful royal icing tip!  ;)
The girls thought a "candy bar" would be fun....  :) and it was...  one of the girls is just starting her candy bar set up business so she went at it...  and set up!  her set-up was great...  and it contained different varieties of candy, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, M&M's, lemon gummy bears, sixlits....  I almost lost my mind...  I LOVED these growing up!  :)

duckies "swimming" in water!  ;)  the cupcakes ended up being a hit with the kiddos..  :) 
The cake was cute....  this one came from the same bakery my sister bought her wedding cake from...  I know I said the same thing....  WHAAAAAAT????  ;)
Amy made these beautifiul pom poms.....  I immediatlyl fell in LOVE with them...  they were soooo cute, and really added a lot to the room!!  She found it on the Martha Stewart website....  you can find the tutorial here.  I will definitly be making these guys again!
The tavle decorations!  I was in LOVE with the yellow flowers...  they were so bright and springy, and added lots and lots of color...  :)
a pretty clothe line they used to decorate with!
My sister set up a design your own onesie, station...  some people went ahead and made a onesie...  They actually turned out cute!!  BUT I forgot to take a picture of the finished product....  next time!
The onesie table

This was the kid table...  cute buckets were waiting each and every kid they were full of "entertainment" in hopes that the kids would be "entertained" during the shower...  ummmm, good idea, but it only lasted a few minutes!  ;)
Gaby putting together or pulling apart!  ;)  the last of the Pom Poms

haha!!  Amy was hard at work, climbing and hanging pom poms all around the room!  :)

Amy, Jaime and Gaby

My bag of treats from the candy bar.... filled lovingly with all of my favorite candies! ;)
haha!! This picture's cute of both of them.... Aunt Gaby and Tessa!
The girls, Gaby, Jaime, Bobbi Jean, and I
Gaby, Jaime and the baby!
more ducks!!  :)  here's to another fun shower!  :)  Congratulations Jaime and Toni, we can't wait to meet the baby!!!  :)

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DeBran said...

They turned out great, lady! Good job!