Thursday, April 14, 2011

They have arrived! :)

We had some pretty special visitors come on wednesday night....  :)  They came bearing gifts from "home", food, COFFEE!!  Guatemalan coffee is seriously the BEST!  and treats, and chocolate...  I LOVE a good ol' Guatemalan cup of hot chocolate, there is nothing like it...  There's also something about the smell that comes with these special visitors, it reminds me of my grandma, and of my dad's family...  and of my cousins and of all of the fun times that we all had growing up... The smell it's still lingering, it's reminding me of all of the good times, of all of my family ack "home"....  :)  
 My aunt and uncle from Guatemala brought my niece down to celebrate her 6 year birthday....  This is her present from them, her grandparents....  We were all so excited, us because we finally got to meet her, we talk on Skype...  BUT it's not the same as meeting in person!  :)  and her, well she's so excited to be going to D-land, and all of the other places she's been...  I'm writing this on sunday night, and as we speak she's already spent a whole day, YES I said a WHOLE day shopping, and let me tell you I almost blew my head off...  haha!  and that's NOT a lie!  ;)  She LOVED it though...  and she's already been to Legoland, and Seaworld, and she is currently on her way home from the wild animal park, as I write this...  and weve watched LOTS of disney movies in spanish...  watching Mary Poppins in spanish was definitly a different experience....  all the songs are different!  ;)  she's seriously having the best time...  she told me this morning!  ;)  and you know what?  I think the BIG people are really enjoying themselves too!!  ;)  I can't wait until tuesday, we get to go to Disneyland, and there is seriously nothing better than watching a child's expression as they walk into D-land for the first time...  :)  we have 3 days slotted for Disney, and lots of fun things planned!  so be on the lookout for lots and lots of pics!  :)

Nina, enjoying her first full shopping day in California....  it was a bit chilly for this little girl from the "tropical" land!!  haha!
haha!!  her first official meal in California was Micky-D's....  unless you count cereal, and I don't!  ;)  Appearantly she's a VERY picky eater...  BUT she will eat chicken nuggets..  GO FIGURE!!!  I'll never understand this part of a child's "thinking"...  ummmmm....  excuse me.... chicken's don't have nuggets!  ;)  ok enough about that...  turns out Micky-D's nuggets are her favorite, and I LOVE an occassional Big Mac...  so that's were we ended up!!  :)  There you have it...  a little about my special visitor...  I LOVE her so much, and I LOVE the quality time that I have gotten to spend with her...  :)  I will have to remind myself to thank my cousin and her husband or letting Nina come out to hang out with us!!  :)

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