Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nina meets Disneyland, part 1

So far Nina'd been to just about every amusement park imaginable on her trip, with the exception of Knott's and Disneyland....  Today we set out to change that, and headed out for our first of three days at the Magic Kingdom....  We definitly had a GREAT time, I took WAAAYY too many pictures, and had a really hard time picking just a few!  :/  And I think it's safe to say that after three days at the raton's house, I was burned out....  But we had fun, Nina enjoyed herself....  and I got to experience Disneyland for the FIRST time and thru the eyes of a 6 year old!  ;)
On the tram.....  :)
vamos a ver al raton Miguelito!  :D
Tia Chiquitia and Tio Neco, ready for some fun!  :)
......and we were ready to start making memories!  ;)
....una mas!
con la hormiga.....  WOW!  que grande!
and the first character that we met was Pluto! 
Then we were off to lunch at Ariel's Grotto.....  Nina got to have Ariel's autograph!
.....and a picture!
Here's to the beginning of our feast!  AND no she's not excited about the food, she's excited to meet the "princesas!"  ya vienen??
jaja!!  checking out her professional picture with Ariel, and showing relief that the lady replied to her in spanish....  me gusta she said, naturally we had to buy it....  it was her first time at Disneyland!  ;)
My entree was AMAZING..... My motto is to always pick "beef."  good thing too, because the chicken didn't look appealing....  just saying!  ;)
las princesas showed up during the course of our meal... 
La Bella Durmiente/Sleeping Beauty was first!
....followed by Blanca Nieves/Snow White 
 I LOVE that she appeared to be enjoying herself...  ;0  I'm pretty sure that this was exactly what she expected and more...  just look at the smile on her face!  ;)
y siguio Cenicienta/Cinderella was next!
.....and we got to go up and hang out with Prince Charming!
......BUT we had to hurry back to meet Belle/Bella nos esperaba!
after meeting the princesses we got this dessert platter...  :D  Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!  I could go for another one of those white chocolate shell things right about now!  ;)
....and she enjoyed a white chocolate princess thing that came on the platter too!
..... we were ready to go out and "explore,"  but first a picture....  ;)
....or two....  Nona, Nina, and Nono!  haha!
....and then we chased Minnie around Main street, and she agreed to sign our book....
......and take a picture!  :)  Nina was extatic.....  :D
The flowers at Disneyland always AMAZE me, they're always very well groomed and so vibrant in color....  :)  I LOVE these bright yellow ones!
....and while trying to walk to the castle we ran into Mary Poppins and her friends!  so we stopped to rest and watch...

....and Nina got chosen as one of their special helpers  ;)

after that we were off to fantasyland...  our first stop...  the snow white ride!
....Mr. Toad's Wild Ride followed!
soooooo pretty!
Yellow flowers are my absolute FAVORITE!!!  :)
....waiting at the Storybook ride....  :)
.....and we followed it with a ride on the casey's circus train..
the girls!  not a bad one..  and I got most everyone in!  ;)
podemos ir a las tazas?? 
the teacups...  again!  :)
mas rapido, mas rapido!!  jaja!
Mr. Toad is a little out of place!  ;)
El mundo pequeno....  uno de los favoritos de Nina!  :)
I LOVE that she documented her own trip by, taking her own pictures!  ;)
this is what she was taking a picture off.....  the pink hippo....  haha!
more PRETTY flowers, I think they were there as my reminder that Spring was just around the corner!!  ;)
in line at Dumbo
lista Maria Jose??  ;)
can  you see tia Chiqui?  she wanted to take pictures of us!
....and on the other side of the fence...  Tio Neco was watching!  ;)
WOW!!  vamos bien alto!  :D
.....and just like that, day one was over, we had to head on over to a family dinner... and truthfully I think we were all wishing we hadn't commited...  ;/  oh well hindsight's 20/20 right?  ;)
in front of the castle....  sort of! 
en la entrada con Micky!
a group shot!
and then we were off to dinner at Mickie's house... the food was tasty and I got to play a little while with Lukas....  :)  I LOVE this kid....  :)  He gives the best "squezzes" on the west coast....  ;)
...and that brings the first day to an end....  stay tuned for parts 2-4....  ;)

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