Sunday, April 17, 2011

In awe.....

I feel like this was one of the busyest weekends I've had in a long time!  I had a blast though.... :)  I think think it seemed so busy because the "celebrations" started on thursday, I was in San Diego and then in Garden Grove within 24 hours...  :)  finally on sunday after the baby shower I came home and got to "relax" a little!  I took the laptop outside and decided to blog poolside...  it was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon....  I happened to look up and towards the montains and I caught a little tiny glimpse of this....  amazingly beautiful sky...  FOR ME!!!  :)  I walked around the house and went WOW!  ran back grabbed the camera and started shooting!  These pictures were literally taken within 5 maybe 10 minutes from each other, and while I sat in my driveway!  I was in Heaven, literally!  for 10 minutes I snapped shots and thanked God for EVERYTHING that he has given me, and I took the view for what it was!  :)  It seemed to almost relax me, this beautiful view, also cleared my head some....  I felt different when the sun finally went down and MY show was over....  I felt almost at peace....  and beyond THANKFUL!!  :)  Thank you Heavenly Father for taking the time to show me BEAUTIFUL things....  :)  Enjoy the pictures....  I enjoyed taking them, and was reminded of the sky's beauty that night as soon as I looked thru these again!!  :)  We don't get colors like these everyday!  ;)

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DeBran said...

Oh how lovely!! those colors are incredible!