Sunday, May 30, 2010

HB with the Jensen's and Keith

Sheri and I decided to meet at the beach on a saturday afternoon.... Keith was coming into town and she thought i'd be a good time for us to meet!! :0 so off they went to Huntington, (I LOVE that place :) I had to work, but I met them after work... It turned out to be a fun-filled afternoon, we played on the pier, I got to meet Keith, Sheri's boyfriend, and we got to eat at Ruby's on the pier, another one of my favorite things.... ;) and of course there was milkshakes... :) Paige and I had fun with ours, and she WANTED to take a picture with me this time... how could I turn her down?? ;)
..... and while we waited for our table there was a picture session by Paige, and Catherine, and this was when the pink camera finally went to Heaven..... oh well at least Paige had a good time, even if the camera didn't survive the fun!!! :(
Keith, Sheri and I ..... and Bryce being silly in the back!! :)
Me and Sheri.... :)
..... and the beautiful sunset! it was right after I took this picture that I realized Keith was proposing to Sheri on the pier.... at first I was surprised.... I'm not gonna lie.... hahaha!!! I certainly didn't see that coming!! ;) But I was happy for her!! Congratulations Sheri and Keith!! :)


B is for Boring said...

beautiful pic of the sun setting...

maria said...

thanks..... I thought so too!!! One of the best sunset pictures I've taken! ;) funny it was the last picture the "pink" camera took!!! :( Paige finished it off that night!!! :(