Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another week has come and gone!

Change is necessary, it is very important to change our routine so we don't get stuck in a rut, Change is needed...... ~Father Mark
Funny, this is exactly how this week went.... it started off with a new schedule and a new computer system at work.... I wish I could say the latter went on without a hitch, sadly computers have a mind of their own, and they will do as they please when they please!!! Thankfully the day was mostly full of people who understood about "change" and were very patient, there was however the few that did not, and they let me know about it, and then there was the guy who threw a hot dog package at my head in the checkstand, no it didn't hit me, thankfully he didn't have good aim! ;) and I did thank him and wished him a good day.... :) Service with a smile!!
The rest of the week was fine aside from me waking up "naturally" at 4am EVERY friggin day, so much for embracing the "going in later" change, and being able to sleep in :) so on monday I laid around and tried to go back to sleep, I finally gave up, got up and got ready, did some laundry, made a lunch and my own coffee!! :) by wed, I gave up on the "laying around" part of the morning and went for an early morning run.... a really early morning run.... hahaha!!! it was awesome to watch the day go from night to day!! :) so I figured out that if I'm still gonna wake up early every day I may as well do something worthwhile... I called it "changing the routine" :) I got to update the good ol' blog on one of the mornings too, and set up my fantasy baseball team!! :0 at least maybe now I'll be able to keep up with the blog.... :) on saturday I bid farewell to the last 5am!!! I can't say I'm gonna miss that shift that badly, but the getting off super early was nice..... oh well getting to stay out later on friday nights will be fine too!! I wont have to worry about getting up at 3:30 anymore.... of course with my luck I still may!!! hahaha!! so far it's been a good "change" week!
Then there was Mother's day... another day full of change!! hahaha!! nothing went as planned, but we ended up having a great day anyway!! and at least everyone ended up showing up for at least a little while!!! :) my mom, dad and I went to church early, and the funniest thing is that the priest at church today spoke about change, and how it is necessary to keep us going in life.... hahaha!! I wish I could of recorded what he said, change scares me! but I've gotten better at accepting it!! :) "people, and situations change", has been a hard learned lesson!! :/ then we were off to mothers day breakfast, and a relaxing Mother's Day!!!!! and there's my week in a nutshell, along with all the other fun stuff that I got to do!! ;) I hope everyone has a good one next week!! :)

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