Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pedi's + friends + fun food = girl's night :)

Carlie was coming out from Arizona on her way to Vegas, for a couple of days, and it had been WAAAAYYY too long since we'd seen her last, so we decided that a girls night was in order.... I sent out a quick txt message to the girls, and we had a good turn out despite it being REALLY short notice! :0) we started with Pedi's, which were heavenly, and moved on to dinner which was delicious.... :D I have a thing for "fun" food, and it's presentation is everything!! :) we went to the Yard House and I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps... you can't even imagine my excitement when they showed up.... it was perfectly "fun".... and absolutelly delicious, I ate the WHOLE thing!! :) Yummy Chicken Lettuce wraps!! ..... And our dessert spread.... I ate the creme brulee in front, that was delightfull too!! :)
Me and Carlie.....
Jessica and Sarah
Our side of the table..... :) me, Carlie and Erica
a Group Shot!!
What a GREAT girls night we had... It's always nice when the guys volunteer to watch the kids so we can go out for some pampering! ;) I can't wait for the next one!!


Carlie said...

such a fun night!!!!! thanks again for sharing your creme brulee!!!

Erica said...

It was such a fun night!!! I now know to wear the pants with the oh shit button again if we eat like that next time..haha