Friday, May 7, 2010

A fun Spring Performance......

The Jensen children participate in their church's choir and every year they put on 2 performances, one in Spring and one in winter.... This Spring was the first time Paige got to participate and she was soooo excited, it was cute!! :) they did a wonderful job like always. I enjoyed watching how well Catherine can dance, and how "focused" the other two were able to stay! :) well for the most part! ;)
I LOVE this picture.... look at Paige and Lizzie "chit chatting" at the bottom! :) they were totally into their performance!hahaha!!! Catherine and the other dancers, they did a great job!
Yo!!! ;)
at the end of the performance....
It was spicture time.... Me and the kiddos!
Me and Sheri... :)
Bryan was supposed to meet us after for dinner, but he got called in to work, so we sent him a picture... the kids were supposed to look sad, but now that I look at it closer, they look mad!! LOL!!

He sent us this one of him being sad.... :( hahaha!! what fun we had with our picture messages.... what exactly did we do before picture phones?? ;)
then I sent him a picture of our food.... :) we missed you Bryan but we did enjoy our food... :)

.... and then Paige insisted we sent him a picture of her and the butter.... hahaha!!! looks like we'll do anything for a picture!! ;)

and there you have it.... it was a fun-filled friday, with a great singing/dancing performance, and dinner!! :)

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