Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another week has come to an end! :)

So here I am on a sunday once again, ready to close out the week.... it was an interesting week to say the least!! hahaha!! nothing major, just a lot of little things that have made me appreciate that much more, the person that I have become.... So I guess today it's fitting to say that I am grateful that my parents brought us up with rules, when I was younger I sometimes thought that they may have been too strict, but now that I look back on it, I am glad that they had rules that we were expected to follow, I am so grateful that we were taught about politeness and respect..... "Always say hello when you arrive in someone's house, or when you see a person, and good bye, when you're leaving." It's polite and it shows people that you have respect! that was my mom's number 1 rule..... and to this day, we all still do it..... It's funny to me when you say hello to a person and they ignore you, even though you know and they know that they heard you.... no worries, I'll try again tomorrow! ;) Why should I be the rude one?? ;)
This week was pretty quiet to say the least, there were a few more "relaxing/Lazy" days than what I'm used too.... which meant there was a lot of thoughts going thru my head.... One in particular is the fact that May is going to be such a busy month.... I think I have something going on every weekend this month.... and I'm still trying to sort out in my head how I'm going to try and attend 8 different events on May 22nd.... hahaha!!! I know it's going to be ABSOLUTELLY impossible, but I'm going to give it my best shot! ;)
There was one fun trip this week, Jessica and I drove out to Palm Springs for the afternoon/evening to celebrate with Emily for her birthday! It was definitly fun hanging out with the Fontaine girls..... :)
And there was A LOT of baseball too..... I LOVED it.... now if only my one fantasy baseball team would step up to the plate the world would be better!! ;) j/k
And I think that brings us to Sunday.... sunday was an interesting day..... I woke up early, and watched some more tv. guess I hadn't watched enough during the week.... ;) then my sister and I decided to go shopping at the Super Target.... We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE target.... hahaha!! on my way there I saw it, the accident that was about to happen, and then it did... I was stuck at a red light a couple of blocks down, but I saw it.... shortly after i saw the cop cars, and ambulances driving by, and then my phone rang.... it was my sister.... what were the chances?? yep, she was part of the 6 car accident that had just happened... lucky for her, she was the last car to get hit, so she wasn't hurt.... although I'm sure she'll be sore tomorrow.... weird, this was exactly like my car accident a few years ago... except the car that caused the accident this time was "bigger" I hate car accidents and everything that they bring with them! although I am VERY grateful that she wasn't hurt... I did just get a phone call telling me that her truck is hurt more than what I thought... guess I wouldn't make a good mechanic! ;) After we shook off the shakes at Target she went home to "relax" and I went to a birthday party with friends.... what a good way to end the day.... DeBran and Kenny did a wonderful job with the party.... The food was terrific as usual and boy do I wish I would of had just one more donut hole!! ;)
And that brings me to the end of another week..... next week is full of changes for me, beginning with a change in work schedule, and a change in "budget".... seeing how I get to start work later, I think I'm going to start making my coffee at home and drinking it on the way.... sounds good to me so far.... there are so many things I can do with that $5 coffee a day habit.... ;) the challenge is going to be actually doing it.... I just hope I don't spend my extra morning time on the computer instead!!! hahaha!!! Here's to a great week for everyone!


B is for Boring said...

What a week! Hope your sis is OK!

maria said...

yeah it was a week!! ;) and she is thanks..... whe went to the urgent care today, and took the day off of work.... she's really sore, but they said that was to be expected! now she just has to deal with getting the truck fixed! :/