Saturday, May 8, 2010

a beautiful day at the pond!

Oh how I enjoy having thursdays off.... it's a great time to meet up with friends for lunch and just talk and "relax"! :) This time we decided to go to Oscars for lunch... we decided that we would eat lunch and then go feed the ducks, that's always fun! the day turned out to be beatiful, Emily took awesome pictures of our day too!! Thanks they turned out great! :)
The pond me!!! hahaha
Miss Ella found a dandylion to blow!
look at all those ducks..... :)
awwww.... Lukey wanted to hold hands as we walked down to the ducks! :)
we got some breadsticks from the restaurant for the ducks..... ready, set, throw.....
hahaha..... this guys hairdo cracked me up!
a pretty white one
They're all coming our way... they know we have food!! :)
we saw turtles too
me, lukey and jessica! :)
we also saw birds..... and lots and lots of trees
..... and more birds
and neat looking pink trees!
after the pond the kids went and ran up and down this hill..... oh wait.... I ran up and down the hill too!!! hahahaha!!!
Here comes Ella......
smile girls!


Anonymous said...

Did you get a new camera? those pics are amazing...

B is for Boring said...

Did you get a new camera? those pics are amazing...

maria said...

No, I haven't gotten my new camera yet... but the pictures were taken with the camera that i want to get!! I'll get over to purchasing it soon, I hope!! ;) hahaha!!! it does take AMAZING pictures!!