Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No access to news, makes me feel all out of "sorts:...

Memorial weekend came and went, and it was filled with lots of work and lots of fun! there was dinner in HB and fun in the sand, then there was a proposal..... no, not mine! hahaha!! I'll write a blog about that later, there was also dinner and a movie night on sunday, sex in the city 2 was really funny.... i decided I now need to watch the first one!! ;) on monday I was so tired all I wanted to do was relax, and relax I did.... laid by the pool all day and hung out with my parents.... then went over to the Fontaine's for a tasty BBQ, and some kite flying and bubble blowing!!! fun times!!! :) the weekend was definitly fun filled, I was busy, and I also got to puppy/house sit, that was good, except I was barely home soo I think Sisco puppy got lonely..... :(

so why was I all out of sorts??? well anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE watching the news.... it makes me feel connected to the outside world..... My sister and Mike don't have a tv in the room, so I didn't get to stay connected.... hahaha!!! and when I did get home I was too tired to "catch up" on the laptop.... so while I was being "disconnected", my family in Guatemala was having a not so fun time! The Pacaya volcano ( a fire volcano, as opposed to the water one, or the sand one that also "reside" in Guatemala) erupted, and caused havoc all over the country..... to make matters worse there was a tropical storm that destroyed whatever the eruption hadn't..... :( thank God for technology, I guess my parents did get a hold of all the family back there and thankfully they're all ok, stuck in their houses and "muddy", but ok.... My one aunt said that people in her village were having to vacate their homes in small boats and stuff.... it makes me so feel so helpless to be all the way out here while they're trying to just make it under what looks like horrible conditions, then there was my one cousin who was "missing", but she checked in on facebook yesterday, and let me tell you it was a relief.... gotta love those "status" updates!! the pictures are amazing, meanwhile in the city sort of by where one of my grandma's live, there was a giant sinkhole that ate an entire building.... Yikes!

and the airports been closed for days.... i have family "stuck" in texas and florida, because their flights were canceled..... weird how I missed all this.... one of my friends at work asked me on saturday if my family was ok in Guatemala, and all I could say was I think so??? then she asked me again on sunday, when I gave her the same answer she asked me if I knew about the volcano??? huh??? I made a phone call, my mom had just found out, the parents had spend the weekend in SD so no news for them either..... so I literally just found out how "bad" it really was on monday morning when i finally came home to my house.... to see the things I missed while I was without a tv, or laptop!!! :) I am thankfull that everyone I know it ok though, it's going to take a lot of "outside" help and lots of prayers to get all those little villages up and running again, but the people down there will make it thru, :) people lots their homes, and the small amount of "things" that they had.... most of these villages are full of very poor people..... it made me so sad to see the devastation on tv..... places that were once popular for tourists, are now under water..... I do have an aunt and cousins who are busy making food and trying to help out those people who are in need...... they and their house made it virtually unharmed.... If I remember correctly they're house sits on higher I LOVE the fact that my family is so giving..... :) and I pray that the rest of the family will be able to fly back "home" soon..... :) There you have it.... my breaking news!!! :) I'd attach a link to the news story, but I havent' learned how to do that yet!!! lol! have a good one everyone, and don't forget to be grateful each and everyday.... I know I am, and everyday I remember how lucky i really am!!!

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