Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was going thru my phone today...  and noticed that there are a lot of "randomness" sort of pictures on there that I haven't downloaded yet...  so today is a good day for that!  it's a small glimpse of the serious randomness that is my life...  and a little peek, inside what I am grateful for and blessed with EVERYDAY!!!  :)  In no particular order, random pictures from the good ol' phone!!  ;)
Pretty, Pretty sunsets!  LOVE, LOVE these!!  and I can't get enough of them...  as you will soon see!  ;)
....and the puppy, and spending time with him!!  ;)
another pretty sunset, or two or three!!  ;)
...and I was lucky enough to be able to visit with Miss Leanna, Dave and Marcela again...  I made them dinner and hung out with the oh so cute and sweet new baby girl...  I couldn't believe how much she had grown in such a short period of time!!  :)  It was seriously LOVE at first sight...  I can't wait to visit with them again!!  :)
.....and I woke up one morning to snow in the mountains behind my house!!  that's always super exciting!!  :)  and oh so pretty!
...haha!!  this picture makes me laugh..  Mike took it one day on their way home...  I think Sisco was saying, "bye bye grandma, see you tomorrow!"  ;)  We have seriously all fallen in love with that guy!!  :)  GREAT shot Michael!!
...and one day I decided banana bread sounded good...  so I made some...  I cheated a little, it wasn't from scratch, but I did put many real bananas in it!!  and it definitely hit the spot!!  :)
another awesome sunset over the lake!!  :)
....and Valentines day goodies!!  :)
...and somewhere in the last few weeks my mom made homemade arroz con leche / rice pudding...  it was sooooooo good, I think I should post the recipe, maybe soon!  maybe I can talk her into teaching  me how to make it!!  ;)
Reading/snuggle time with the kiddos...  it's moments like these that melt my heart and truly make me feel grateful that they love me as much as I love them!!  :)

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