Sunday, March 18, 2012

A baby shower for sweet Remi!! 2/18

My friend Sarah threw a cute baby shower for our other friend  Carlie and her soon to be here baby girl Remi!  I got to help by making the treats, and let me tell you that these little guys were really fun to make!!!  I was a little scared of the cake, but it came out like we wanted!! ;)
Here's a little sneak peak I had posted on Instagram! 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Instagram?  Jessica you were right...  ;)
Carlie LOVES lemon, so naturally I HAD to make lemon cake pops, and let me tell you!  I think they were the hit of the party!!  haha!  ;)  They definitely got the must make again vote! 
a table full of treats!!  Sarah did a GREAT job with the set-up!
Isn't that Remi banner so cute?  I LOVED it!
The cake...  I will warn you now!  There are A LOT of pictures of the cake!!  I couldn't pick just one!  ;)
Me and the cake....  :)  Thank you Jessica for taking the picture!  :)
The cake.... One more time!!  ;)
what a cute set-up!!
more cake pops!  ;)
Katie's Kookies!!  These cookies are always AMAZING!! :)
More treats!  :)
the classic picture of a picture of a picture!!!  ;)  Me and Sarah!
....Sarah had a disc for us all to sign for Remi!!  The final product turned out so cute!!  :)
The decorations were so cute!!  :)
....and this strawberry salad was so yummy!!!  :)
....and the cake was red velvet...  Another one of Carlie's favorites!  :)
anyone wanna a slice??
Me and Carlie, the momma!!!
Here's to another fun baby shower filled with friends!!  ;)  GREAT Job Sarah! 
....and Carlie, I can't wait to meet Miss Remi!! 


Karen Carter said...

You are so talented and such a GREAT friend. Always jumping in to bake and love people through your food. Darling cake and pops too! Good job you!

maria said...

Thank you Miss Karen! :)