Thursday, March 15, 2012

A black cloud....

....Have you ever felt like you had a black cloud on top of your head?  just following you around??  THAT'S HOW I FELT ON WEDNESDAY!
The day started off good, I went to work, then lunch, and that's when it started, I went to get gas...  put the hose in the hole, locked it, and preceded to walk away, LIKE I ALWAYS do, to go back to my wallet and put my card away...  I didn't get very far, the hose came straight out of the car, and in cartoon style it started to spray EVERYWHERE, all over my pants the ground, my sweater, my socks, my shoes, ugh...  it seemed like forever before I could make it stop!  :(  so there I am in the middle of a parking lot soaked and I mean SOAKED in gasoline...  I debated going home, but it's too far, then I called my mom, she volunteered my dad for a new clean work clothes delivery...  I LOVE those guys!  ;)  I drove back to work and decided to look to see if I may have an extra pair of pants and alas I DID!!  I had never been that excited before!  ;)  I changed, wiped off my legs, still smelled the gasoline and went back to work...  all I could think about was that there was only 4 hours left of work, and then I would get a shower before I got a massage!!  ;)  THAT IS SERIOUSLY WHAT GOT ME THROUGH THE REST OF THE DAY!  In those 4 hours there was a visit from the health Dept. and good news that my inventory had come out VERY GOOD!!  at least there was something "happy"!!  ;) 
Then it was time to go home, I was waiting at the red light right outside my store, waiting for it to turn green, thinking that the day had not gone the way I would of liked it to go...  ;)  when I felt a bump, not too hard but hard enough...  I yelled a not so nice word, threw my hands up in the air, in a "I give up on the day" manner, and got out of the car....  The girl who hit me, had a "bad, swollen" foot, which made it hard for her to break and she'd been txting...  REALLY???  (and yes she told me all of this from the drivers seat...)  Red lightning was fine, I was fine, but I made the girl pull over to the side of the road, made her get out of the car, and preceded to scold her...  I told her, "if her foot kept her from hitting the break then she should go home and NOT DRIVE, and then I asked her if she knew how much a cell phone ticket was, she told me no, I suggested she also STOP TEXTING, unless she had an extra $400 to spare"  I also told her that she was lucky nothing worse happened I then turned around got in the car and went home, I had a shower to take and a massage to get to...  It was that kind of a day, I normally wouldn't of said anything, BUT REALLY??  She was just the icing on the "bad cake day," 
After my massage I went shopping, I needed a new pair of work pants, figures it would be my favorite one's that got ruined. :(  Then it was off to wings and things for dinner!  :)
YUMM...  these really did help turn the day around!  ;)
I picked them up and went to my sisters for "dinner and a movie"  Thanks Sister, it was what I needed!!  :)
Today was much better, I woke up sore, I'm going to say it was from my massage, and the awesome run, walk I did on tuesday, I worked from home so I didn't have to leave the house at least not at the beginning of the day!  ;)  I looked out to this beautiful blue, fluffy cloud filled sky all day!  :) 
After dinner I decided to go to GAP for a new sweatshirt...  AND that was the one and only outting all day...  Everything was fine, so I think I'm ready to leave the house again tomorrow!!  :) 
Hopefully I was the only one with a slight black cloud in the middle of the week!!  ;)  Here's to hoping the rest of the week is MUCH better!!  :)


Kelli said...

Thanks for following my blog Maria!! I know how you feel I have been having one of htese weekds..I keep thinking what else can go wrong. I am happy that some shopping and good food always helps me as well:)
Have a great weekend!

maria said...

I hope your weekend gets better, thankfully mine only lasted one day! ;) and thank you for following my blog too!! I LOVE yours, its cute!! :)