Sunday, March 18, 2012

The last week......

I know on Wed. I said there was a  black cloud following me!!  BUT the week hasn't been ALL bad...  just that hick-up in the middle of the week...  :0 
There was some running, walking on tuesday...  remember that mud run I signed up for?  I think it's about time I start training for it!   ;)  so I went ahead and jumped into a 3.5 mile run, mostly walk, up the hill by my house!!  :)  and let me tell you, it felt good...  now to get better music on my iPod!  ;)
...and there were some fun new quotes I found!!  ;)  I think this is one of my new favorites!
....and naturally the week was full of good, hearty food...  anyone for In-n-Out....  Monday's pick, a number 2 with a root beer float!!  YUMMM!!!!  AND yes!  It was just as tasty as it looks in the pic!
....and there was a visit from family we haven't seen in over 20 years...  Walter and his family were at Disneyland for a dance competition, and they came over for dinner...  We had the BEST time...  It seriously felt like we had just seen them not too long ago..  I LOVE meetings like that!  :)
...and it just so happened that it was his birthday on the day that they came to dinner, so we celebrated around a banana bread cake!!  ;)  why not?  ;)
This was our first time meeting Sara and the girls, and it felt like we'd known each other FOREVER!!  :)
...and half-way through the week, I decided to indulge in this yummylicious shamrock shake...  If you've never had one you most definitely should!!  They're GREAT!!  Thanks Julie, Carlie and Wheelie for introducing me to this dangerously delicious drink!  :)
....and Gaby and I started doing myfitnesspal....  NOT necessarily so that I start counting calories, WE ALL KNOW I LIKE FOOD TOO MUCH TO DO THAT!  ;)  But at least it's been an eye-opener as to how many calories food actually has!!  ;)
....have I mentioned that working with my mom also has it's "food" perks, on Thursday she made me this delicious sandwich for lunch!  :)
...and I also get to see such pretty, pretty skies!  :)
...and on saturday night the boys and I had a sleepover...  Brody pretended to be a statue!  ;)
....and we took pictures.....
...and drew some pictures!
.....and drew some more....
....and we made silly faces!
....and I ate LOTS of pistachio salad...  Thanks Jaime, it really is my favorite, AND it was DELICIOUS!!!  :)
...and Jakey drew a monster!! 
.....and I made green funfetti cupcakes for work!  :)
....Then work fed me this!!!  YUMM!!!  :)  and on this day I COMPLETELY failed myfitnesspal!!  ;)  haha!!
more pictures!  :)  This is my ocean...  complete with fishies and a turtle, and Brody really wanted a rain cloud, so we added that!!  :) and a shark, see the shark??
.....and Jakey boy pretended to be a spider!! haha!!!  :)
Then there was my sunday afternoon meeting with the dorm crew...  Charles found a new restaurant he thought we should try...  so off we went, I will admit, the fact that the parking lot was empty made me just a little nervous!  BUT the salsa was AMAZING, and the food followed suit...  it was all very good, we ended up giving the restautant 3.5 stars, ONLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE FLAN.....  ;)
Then we were off to the movies, we had previously picked 21 Jump Street, and let me tell you that I hadn't laughed that hard at a movie in a really long time!!  ;)   and Angie and I decided to join the American Reunion movie poster!  ;) 
The sun was setting when we got out of the theatre, and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I think that's my favorite "after the storm" thing, the beautiful clear skies, which usually lead to beautiful sunsets!  :)
 ...AND when I got home and started "catching" up on emails, and "social media,"  ;)  I ran into this!!  AND LET ME TELL YOU
It is so true, and it is definitely me...  as always today and everyday I am grateful for everything that I am blessed with, even the dark cloudy days, because there was a lesson to be learned that day..  I think it was patience, not sure, it may be something else I haven't thought of yet!!  ;)
I am blessed with the most amazing family, and wonderful friends, wonderful loving children. I am also blessed with health, a job,  and many many happy memories, memories that are made EVERYDAY!!!
Here's to hoping that we all have a wonderful week!!  :)  Mine will be a busy one, one which will hopefully produce good looking monster truck treats!!  ;)


Ali Bab said...

Cute. I totally missed out on the Shamrock Shake this year. :(
Our families and friends are EVERYTHING!!

maria said...

Oh man that sucks... I thought they sold them the whole month of March?? If not I'm really sad, because I wanted to have one last one!! ;) and yes my family and friends are definitely my EVERYTHING!! :)