Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monster truck cake 3/24

A few years ago I took some cake decorating classes...  I LOVED THEM!  and from that my LOVE of baking, and decorating was re-born.  It's the best way I know how to "relax"!  :)
It's my motto!  :)
It seems that ever since then, I have been making birthday cakes for the kids, and for baby showers, and cupcakes, and treats for whatever occasion/party we seem to be throwing...  and I've LOVED every minute of it...  I think the kids one's have been my favorite so far...  I think it's the look they get when they see it...  :)
I LOVE it, it completely overflows my "Love life cup!"  and I have my wonderful friends to thank for that..  and my loving cousin too...  If it wasn't for you guys, there would be no kid cake creations happening at all!!  :)
This creation was no different, except for the fact that I thought we would be creating angry bird treats...  I will be honest, "scared," is the first emotion I felt when I realized Mr. Luke had changed his mind, how in the world would I create a monster truck.....  Creativity is NOT my strongest quality!  ;)
After a little research and some help from the cake decorator at work, I/we came up with this.... 
Step 1:
The body....
not bad huh?  we/she cut a full sheet of cake into pieces,
first in half, then one of the halves became the bottom piece and the other half we/she cut into half again, and one of those became the middle front piece, and the other half was cut into half again to create the top/windshield part and the sides back of the monster truck...  there was 2 pieces left over that we ended up eating!!  ;)  I had to taste it, and make sure it tasted right!!  ;)
so just like that I was ready...  I ran home with my "truck", and some flames that I had printed on edible paper, I got the decorating stuff, and frosting and got ready to decorate!!  :)  I was no longer scared, I was super excited though!!  :)
....and just like that, it started to look a little monster truckish!  ;)  I used yellow candy melts for the headlights!  and the birthday boy requested a green truck, so green it was!  :)
...almost done...  This is by far the easiest cake I've decorated, aside from the princess one, but this one was definitely the one that caused the more thought, and stress, not in a bad way, but definitely in a I hope I'm going to be able to do this way, aside from the pirate ship cake this was the only other 3D one I've ever made!!  ;)
I used chocolate donuts for tires...  and put the flames around the truck!
towards the end I remembered that the birthday boy requested orange frosting too, like the avenger, so I added Happy Birthday and the number 4 (his age) to the top of the truck, in orange!  :)
Jessica bought these cute pans online, we set the cake in there and I preceded to add more "dirt"...  and Luke added his special touch by making his real cars crash into the monster truck...  Nice!!  :)
...and I finally posted this online for people to see!!  :)  the monster truck from all angles!!  ;)  One can never have enough pictures!!  ;)
....and I think the birthday boy liked it alright...  ;)
 The birthday boy also requested avenger colored funnyfatty cupcakes...  so that's what he got....  funnyfatty orange and green cupcakes, and we topped them with racing flags!!  :)
 I'm pretty sure I was happy with the cake too!!  ;)
Happy 4th Birthday Lukey!  I hope you enjoyed your cake....  ;)
I LOVE YOU!!  :)
Shortly after people started arriving, and I decided to go play with the children for a while...
Miss Ella and i had fun sliding down the slide... 
...and there was lots of bubbles blowing around...
 and as soon as I get Jessica's pictures I will add more...  There may of been a nap somewhere in there for me too!!  ;)

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