Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thankful Sunday!

....This was a "learning" week, in the LOYALTY AND GOSSIP department.  ;)
  • I LOVE, LOVE, and am ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL to a friend's show of loyalty towards me...  There is seriously NOTHING better than knowing that a friend, "has your back."  :D
  • friends setting "others" straight.... pheeewwww....  we all know how much I hate doing that!  ;)
  • This week I am also thankful for party planning,
  • and recipe research
  • ...and weekends off
  • ....and quality time with the kids
  • ...and serious, well sorta, they were "grown-up" conversations with friends!  ;)
  • quality time with the kids
  • sleepovers, movie nights and popcorn
  • walks in the wagon, and exploring!
  • phone calls,
  • Meeting miss Laynie for the first time!  :)
  • waiting to meet Miss Khloe, and the rest of the babies!
  • Pinterest
  • park dates
  • friends
  • crafting
  • and card making
  • quality time with my sister
  • my nook,
  • ...and my new book
  • ..and donuts, God knows I had waaaaayyy more than my share this week!  ;)
  • ...and playdoh
  • and beautiful skies
  • music, and songs
  • Uplifting quotes....  lots and lots of them!  ;)  I can't wait to share them!!  :)
and this quote....  such a true statement, that I wish I could carry with me, EVERYWHERE so people could see it!  ;)
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alibab said...

I love your posts, you're always so uplifting. :)

Karen Carter said...

Great week for sure! Glad you learned that you have good loyal friends! you deserve them because you are such a good friend yourself!