Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thankful Sunday!!

It's been a while, I feel like life and the holidays got in the way!  I ran out of time, every week!
 But it's time to resume with the Thankful Sunday posts!!!  :)
It's time to go back to "making" time for these oh so important posts!
This week I am thankful for a job, or two ;)
and for impromptu staying up until all hours of the night, evenings with the friends, spent talking, catching up, listening, reassuring, reminiscing and party planning with my longest and bestest friends...  Those are truly the moments I LOVE!!  Love you girlies!  :)
for the chance to bake for my friends
for the love of a child/children
for God keeping me safe, and for new fuel pumps
for my dad
and Michael....  and his lesson on the "mechanics" of a fuel pump..  haha!
for my mom and her home cooked meals  :)
and for family movie nights, there isn't anywhere else I would of wanted to be on saturday night...  and the movie was GREAT too!!  :)
for pictures, and my blog/online memory keeper!
for kid hugs
and phone calls, and out of the blue txts.
and friends, I am always grateful for loyal, honest, believe in "me" friends
for pictures, and photography
and for crafts!  ;) 
and for books, and my new nook...  :)
and for naps on saturday afternoons,
and for relaxing, sports, blog, picture filled sundays!
I think that's all for now...  until next week...   Here's to hoping we all have LOTS to be thankful for....  :)

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