Monday, January 16, 2012


This morning I got to drive to work and enjoy the wonderful sky/and clouds, hiding the sun "painting"  on my way to work...  I've always said that this is my favorite time of the day...  It's a perfect time for me to be thankful, a great time to take in all of the weekend's events, a good time to think, and plan, and a PERFECT time for me to be alone with God... 

I had so much to be thankful for this morning too... This weekend we got a much "NEEDED" visit from Bee, Rome and the girls... We did so much in such a short amount of time... But it was a GREAT time!! :)

There is no doubt that anytime I spend time with the kids, any kids, I learn a lesson...  It's usually a big one too!!  I didn't know how to put that lesson into words until I ran across this saying on Pintrest...
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I am  ALWAYS amazed at the stuff V tells Lulu, when they come to my house...  It's GREAT to see the stuff she remembers, it's NEVER about what we've bought her, although she remembers that too..  ;)  It's ALWAYS about the stuff that she does here, you know Disneyland, and Playing at the Park, and going to the Penny Pickles Museum, and the special breakfasts that my mom makes for them, huevos and frijoles are their favorites...  And playing with my parents, that always melts my heart, the love those girl's have for my parents is GREAT, and it's definitely as BIG as the love my parents have for them!! :)
And the LOVE they have for us, is AMAZING! Almost as big as ours is for them!  ;)
Make memories, LOTS of them, they're important...  And looking at things through a child's eye will always give you a different perspective, oh and go with the flow, ALWAYS go with the flow!  ;)Those are the lesson's I learned from the girl's this time!  :)
I can't wait to see them again....  V assured me it would be soon, she said her b-day is coming up, and we will be going to D-land to celebrate!!  ;)  I LOVE the way she thinks!  :)

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