Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve/Day!!

New Years E vE,  this year I spent it with my sister, and our friend Bee, and the kids...  Mike's grandpa was still in the hospital, and Mike was staying with him tonight, so Gaby and I were going to make it a movie and pizza night...  :)  sounded good and relaxing to me!  ;)  We ended up at Bernadette's house where we made it a wine and Wii dance night!!  :)  it was fun, and tiring, I took a nap, they took pictures, I danced, we ate, we talked, we played with the kids and we even got to watch fireworks...  ;)  and we documented it all with our camera phones!!  ;)  gotta love technology these days!
Here's our Happy New Year picture!  :)
There were LOTS and LOTS of fireworks!  :)
...and I was at work bright and early on New Years day...  I started the year off with this AMAZING coffee, compliments of Robert....  I don't even really like Caramel, BUT he said I looked like I may need to try some today...  and I think he was right...  It was AMAZING...  He really is the BEST coffee maker I've ever met!!  ;)
....and when I came home from work I was greeted with this....
HOMEMADE PAELLA....  YUMMM...  thanks mom,  it was a GREAT way to bring in the new year, with yummy food!!  :)
I LOVED this saying that Bee had at her house....  So I borrowed it...  It's a GREAT reminder!!  :)

Here's to hoping everyone had a terrific New Years Eve, we sure did....  And now we are all ready for the new year!! 
Bring on 2012, we're READY!!  :)

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